After IT Bag, Its Time IT Sunglasses

Fashion is one of the most dynamic phenomenons in our lives. A fashion statement today might soon be out dated or become old fashioned in less than a week. Celebrities have been icons of fashion during all these while. In fact, fans follow whatever their heroes and heroines wear and don. Sunglasses have been one such fashion or status item for the last 79 years.

Many are of the wrong conception that someone by the name Mr. Ray Ban was the first person to have sold a pair of commercial sunglass. But it was actually Mr. Foster Grant who first sold a pair of sunglass on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey way back in 1929. Since then the shades have become something of a socio-economic icon.

The shades also help someone to hide his eyes from total strangers in an awkward situation where it becomes necessary to have a glare. Indeed it has made beautiful women more mysterious than ever before. Some like George Michael and P. Diddy are popularizing the somewhat crazy concept of wearing it even in the dark.

But not too long ago, the sunglass market was limited to only some branded levels and not exploited properly. However the scenario is changing now with more and more celebrities introducing their lines. So far Victoria Beckham has her own range, but soon the market might see the Literary collection range from Kelly Osborne and Morning After Range from Britney Spears. And why won’t they cash on it! At Yves Saint Laurent, eyewear accounts for 20 percent of its total turnover and sales on other major brands or chains like Harvey Nicks are on the upper trajectory.

So, I won’t be surprised if we find the shade market is flooded with haute couture fashioned and high quality sunglasses in the near future as that would give fashion conscious consumers more choice and power.

Indian Pearls

I was looking to update my fashion blog but could not find a suitable topic on which I could do a write up. Then I chanced upon a website called pearls of joy ( and immediately I got my idea.

Since the ancient times pearls have been associated with Indian culture as is evident from its reference in the Hindu mythologies (it is specially associated with the Hindu God of moon (Chandra). It is also associated with many mythological animals such as snake, hog, elephants etc.

No wonder the gem has been having a special place in the hearts of Indian women. Even fashion conscious modern Indian women love them as it has varied usage, come in different shapes, shades. It can be used in blangles, nose pins, rings and many more jewelry pieces like pearl earrings, pearl necklaces are very popular with women looking for style. They also enhance the style of many Indian traditional dresses. As far as my experience goes, I often find even men wearing them on rings and pearl bracelet is very common too.

Hyderabad of Andra Pradesh is the centre of Indian pearls where natural (mostly freshwater pearls), cultured and semi-cultured pearls are processed and made finished products by skilled workers who are doing this for generations. According to market source, around 40-50 thousand kilograms of pearls are supplied and sold worldwide from Hyderabad. These days some companies and traders are even offering them on the net at affordable rate as we saw the pearl site I found on the net.